Recipe Review Feature

Don't you hate when you look at a new recipe and it says "10 minutes prep time" and 400000 minutes later, you're standing in the middle of your kitchen, surrounded by a mound of flour, 17 different measuring cups, at least 2 hard-to-clean appliances with sauce spattered all over them, and suddenly it's time to pick up the kids from school and you're only halfway done with the cooking and you're thinking "OMG WHY AM I USING SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS I HAVE TO WASH?"?  Yeah, um, me neither. 

I'm here to try to inject some realism into the world of internet fine dining.  I'm going to try lots of the most interesting, healthy family-friendly recipes that I'm able to find, with the help of my pal, Google and creative search terms, like "healthy kid-friendly recipes", "family-friendly instapot", or, my old standby: "what the hell am I going to cook tonight, since these people in my house keep insisting on eating?"

Tonight I cooked this:

And it was a hit!  Everyone in the family loved it.  I'll post a full review soon.   Spoiler alert: it did not take 10 minutes to prepare, as promised by the recipe.